• Bitcoin TOP (BTT) Medium-Term Plan

    Bitcoin TOP has already been supported by 33 exchanges (including Binance, OKEX, Huobi.Pro and Bit-Z) and 6 wallets (including BitGo, Bitpie, Coldlar and ATOKEN). The ultimate goal of Bitcoin TOP is to become "better than better bitcoin", which does not have the problems like "Lack of privacy protection", "Slow transaction confirmations" and "High threshold for new members". It will provide better solutions to financial companies worldwide.

    This plan (Jan 2018 ~ 2018 Q4) is generated by Bitcoin TOP Community, based on the communication with the BTT development teams UFO.

    Dec 2017:

    Hard fork at bitcoin block height 501118, Bitcoin TOP is born.

    Q1 2018:

    Bitcoin TOP mainnet, wallet, nodes code and API release, open source on Github. Follow BIP-0044, index999.
    (Details: https://github.com/satoshilabs/slips/blob/master/slip-0044.md)
    You will be able to mine BTT with full node client or mine with a pool. So far, there are at least 3 pools that will support BTT mining, and mining will start once the mainnet releases. GPU mining will be supported (both AMD and NVIDIA).

    Q4 2018:

    Algorithms upgrade for BTT main chain encryption. The transaction and balance amount will be encrypted.

    If you are interested in Bitcoin TOP, pls feel free to join the Bitcoin TOP Community. The community will reward people who provide good suggestion or solution to BTT, and will try best to help BTT to achieve the goal "better than better bitcoin". You can get in touch with the community through the email: [email protected]

Bitcoin TOP (BTT) Telegram
Bitcoin TOP (BTT) Telegram